Review of Asur season 2: The Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, and Ridhi Dogra-led drama is gripping, engaging, and captivating

Story: Asur season 2 is a continuation of the previous season, which followed a young man identifying as Kali, the destroyer of Kalyug, on a quest to wipe out mankind as we know it. Key players include Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Ridhi Dogra, and Aupriya Goenka. The self-proclaimed Asur commits terrible serial killings in the legendary crime drama series. To prevent a big cataclysmic calamity, the CBI and forensic specialists are now working to apprehend the offender.

Review: In the opening scene of Asur, police officers and forensic scientists are attempting to determine the serial killer’s pattern, the causes of all the deaths, and a possible candidate. The startling cliffhanger that concluded the 2020 season showed Amey Wagh’s Rasool Shaikh as one of Shubh Joshi’s followers, who calls himself an Asur.

The second season of Asur opens with Warsi’s Dhananjay “DJ” Rajpoot seeking refuge in a monastery after losing his wife and buddy, investigating officer Lolark Dubey (Sharib Hashmi), to the murderer. However, after losing their daughter, Nikhil Nair (Sobti) and his wife Naina (Goenka) attempt suicide.

Asur season 2 is fortunate not to go into the nitty-gritty of it and picks up where it left off in the first season, which took some time to gain popularity among viewers due to the introduction of the important characters and the show’s narrative. The show’s creator, Gaurav Shukla, and writers Niren Bhatt, Abhijeet Khuman, and Pranay Patwardhan take care to avoid destabilising the show’s momentum or too complicating it in the first episode.

Moving forward, the series notices that Dhananjay and Nikhil quickly pull themselves up and resolve to defend the citizens of their nation and exact revenge on those who wronged them. Asur 2 has both forensic specialists working towards a same objective but on different pathways, in contrast to the first season. While DJ goes rogue and links up with Nikhil’s wife Naina, a talented coder, Nikhil works within the rules with the CBI and another covert investigation team led by Paul (Meiyang Chang).

In the meanwhile, this season kindly clarifies all the issues brought up in the previous installment, including Asur’s true identity, his motivation, and how and where it all started. Utilising cutting-edge technology, director Oni Sen creates a legendary narrative that is very To make it simple to watch for the audience, it must be written clearly yet simply.

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