YouTuber Manish Kashyap’s

YouTuber Manish Kashyap’s lawyer kept giving an argument again and again but CJI Chandrachud did not listen to one, Sibal said – he is not a journalist, he is a leader

Refusing to hear the solicitation of YouTuber Manish Kashyap, he has been given authorization to go to the High Court. During the hail on May 8, a bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud made a cutting comment saying that Tamil Nadu is a peaceful state, and you tried to produce uneasiness there.

During the hail, elderly Advocate Maninder Singh, appearing for Manish Kashyap, argued that first FIR was registered and now NSA was assessed. Chief Justice Chandrachud replied on this, but you were making fake vids etc? On this, Advocate Singh said that if NSA was assessed on us, also in this manner NSA should be assessed on all the journals, including one Economic Times. He also published news related to cheap labour.

What happed in the Supreme Court?

On the plea of Manish Kashyap’s counsel, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud said that if you want relief from NSA, you can go to the High Court. We’ll club all the FIRs. On this, Advocate Singh said that wherever FIR has been registered before, the same rule applies. On this the CJI asked that tell us about the common FIR? On this, elderly Advocate Kapil Sibal, appearing for the Tamil Nadu Government, said that there’s an annexure in the counter affidavit of the Tamil Nadu Government.

What did Manish Kashyap’s counsel say?

During the hail, Manish Kashyap’s counsel said that if this boy was transferred behind bars for such a crime, also by this sense all the intelligencers should be in jail. On this, Sibal intruded and said that he( Manish Kashyap) isn’t a intelligencer, he has also queried choices. The CJI- led bench further said that the FIR in Tamil Nadu Will transfer To this Tamil Nadu government’s counsel Kapil Sibal expostulated saying that this can not be as the offenses are different. If this is done also the FIR of Tamil Nadu will be cancelled. On this, the Chief Justice asked in which case the FIR in Bihar was registered?

What argument did Bihar and Tamil Nadu government give?

Bihar government’s argument The counsel appearing on behalf of the Bihar government said that there are a aggregate of 3 FIRs against Manish Kashyap in the state. He said that Manish Kashyap made vids in Patna and showed it as if it was from Tamil Nadu. It was shown in these vids that settlers from Bihar are being boggled. Bihar government’s counsel argued that Manish Kashyap used fake sound goods in his videotape.

Why was NSA assessed on Manish Kashyap? On the question of CJI Chandrachud, Tamil Nadu government gave 3 arguments, said- FIR can not be canceled piecemeal from this, the third FIR is related to a case of 2019, in which he was arrested with bind. participating his picture, he wrote that he was shackled because he was raising the issue of migratory sloggers.

Argument of Tamil Nadu Government After harkening to the argument of Bihar Government, Chief Justice Chandrachud asked the Tamil Nadu Government that what’s there in the FIR of Tamil Nadu? Kapil Sibal replied that Manish Kashyap, while showing the incidents in Karnataka, said that all this is passing in Tamil Nadu. Fake videotape participated. Because of these vids, the premonitory board had asked to put NSA.

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